Tangle Teezer - Worth the hype?

Oh yeah...I'm gonna review a hair brush! For the last couple of years I heard everyone rave about the infamous Tangle Teezer so in September I jump on the bandwagon and order it from feelunique.com. The real question here, is the Tangle Teezer worth the hype?

I am proud to say I didn't waste 12 euros on this one - it is worth the money! I will be honest, before I bought it I though this is just an overpriced plastic brush, but I was willing to give it a chance.

Do you know the first thing I did when I got this brush?
Yes, I brushed my hair! I wanted to see if it really can get into my tangles without pulling my hair and causing any pain and...it did! Sometimes my hair can get very tangled(especially when I am in need of a haircut) and with a normal brush it takes a lot of time and a lot of pain to brush my hair, but with this little gem I get the job done fast and with minimum pain. I did try it on wet hair (normally I use a wide tooth comb if I really need to comb my hair while it's wet) just to see how it will act, and it was just like my wide tooth comb, so no I can get rid of that if I want to.

If you are a mother and your little daughter has long hair, but hates to get it brush because it hurts, get one of this! I used this on my boyfriend's sister (8 years old), who totally hates to get her hair brushed because of the pain, and she liked it. She said it's much better and if she had one she would brush her hair everyday by herself- so we got her one!

Overall: The Tangle Teezer is worth the hype, in my opinion. I see less hair on the brush after brushing my hair, so it definitely doesn't pull my hair making it fall. Also I did notice less breakage because it is not braking my hair in order to get through the tangles in my hair. If you don't long hair or your hair doesn't tangle easily, but you have a daughter, you may want to give this a try - she might enjoy brushing her hair in the end.

What's your experience with the Tangle Teezer? Did you try it?



  1. Thanks for the review! I was debating whether to get it, and now I'm convinced :) x


  2. I love my tangle teaser and use it every single day no question. It is totally worth the hype it has got!

  3. I am so happy when I find a product which is actually worth the hype x


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