Sleek Contour Kit - Light - Review & Swatches

Let me just tell you what a bad beauty blogger I am: I have the Sleek Contour Kit for a little over a year now and I even took pictures for this post, but I never ended up writing it! Why? I don't even know.... You know what they say, better later than never, right? So today is my time to review the Sleek Contour Kit in Light.

Sleek Contour Kit Light Review Swatches

Sleek Contour Kit Light Review Swatches

Usually, I like to start with the pluses of a product, but the circumstances (=photos) in this this case, force me to start with a minus: the packaging, while it is black, nice and sleek, it gets dirty so easy, and it's so hard to clean...I mean I even remember myself cleaning this before taking these pictures and this is how it ended up looking....

Now that we got over the first minus of this product, lets get to one positive: you get a highlighter and a contour shade for under 10 euros! That's a great deal!

The contouring color is a matte brown, and while it doesn't look orange in the pan, it can look orange/ muddy if you apply too much- with the bronzer in this kit, "less is more" is the way to go. Also, you need to be very careful and light handed if you are extremely fair skinned and you want to use this for contouring, because it may look to harsh if you apply too much. In winter this shade is too dark for me to use it to contour my face, but I can use it with a fluffier bigger brush for warming up my complexion a little bit.

Sleek Contour Kit Light Review Swatches

The highlighter is a shimmery pinkish champagne color, suitable for winter and summer. It blends really nicely into the skin, giving a lovely glow. I don't find it overbearing for day time wear, but sometimes, it might be a little too subtle for night time. I have no complaints about this one!

Sleek Contour Kit Light Review Swatches

Overall: I like this contour kit and I would recommend it, but there is one thing to remember: "less is more" when it comes to the contouring shade. It can be purchased on Sleek Makeup website and it costs €7.99.

If you missed my tutorial on contouring (I am not using the Sleek Contour kit, because as I said it is too dark to me in winter), here it is: 

Did you try Sleek's Contour Kit? What is your favorite powder for contouring? 



  1. Oh i'm glad you liked it, I've had my eye on it for ages because it's so kind on the bank balance! Thanks for sharing your tutorial, i'm always looking to refine my technique!

  2. i really love sleek blusher so i think i will give this a go too!I've never really been one for contouring or highlighting but as this is such great price i think i will try it:)xx

    1. Give it a try and let me know how you get along with it xo


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