Flormar Black Dot Nail Polish BD05 Review&Swatches

The 5th topic of the #2014BloggerChallenge is nails, so I decided to finally review a nail polish from my favorite brand: Flormar. I know a lot of you are not familiar with this brand and I also don't know to many details, except that they are a Turkish brand. They do also makeup, and actually I have one of their eyeshadow quads and it's crazily pigmented!

Over the time, I featured Flormar's Nail Polishes in my NOTD posts, but you never saw this one (mainly because I just bought it last week)! I was in a shop, waiting in the line to pay and I saw this small bottle near there are I was very intrigued by the concept! I knew higher end brands already had this kind of nail polish, but for some reason I wasn't expecting my beloved Flormar to have it also!

After the small introduction, let me show you the star of this post: Flormar Black Dot Nail Polish in BD05.

When the nail polish is in the bottle, you can't actually notice the bigger dots, so when I started to apply it I was somehow surprised to see those on my nails! The application is even and it needs 2 coats for full opacity. In my opinion, you can control the density of the dots, but I don't think you can control if small ones or big ones are coming!

Like all Flormar nail polishes that I own, this one has an awesome staying power! As I am writing this, I have this nail polish already for 5 days and no chipping! I did apply a base and top coat, but I do this every time I paint my nails, and till know only Flormar's nail polishes lasted so long.

On top of the great quality and staying power, these nail polishes as also cheap: in Finland they are around €2 and in Estonia I paid for this one €1.75.

If you are curious, here are the base coat and top coat I used:

Base Coat: L'Oreal 7 in 1 Saviour
Top Coat: L'Oreal 2-in-1 Protect Base & Top Coat
essence nail art express dry drops

The only minus of this nail polish I can think of: I usually like cute, funny names for nail polishes, but these ones are named just with letters and numbers. To be honest, I don't know how much of a minus it is, because the quality is the one which matters!

All in one: I love this nail polish and if you can get your hands on it, don't hesitate to buy it! I actually love all (I think I have at least 10) my Flormar Nail Polishes and I am ready to buy more! 

What is your favorite nail polish brand? How much are you willing to spend on nail polish ? 


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  1. Coming to you from Wake Up Wednesday. I'm one of the cohosts. Thanks for your article. I love Essie and Custom brands. I'm willing to pay whatever if it's a color that I'm in love with.


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