H&M Spring Wishlist

Officially spring came to Finland also and I am ready for a shopping spree! Oh God, I didn't go shopping since end of January! I know I am ready, but I am not so sure my bank account is ready yet so for now I am just dreaming of having all this. 

H&M Spring Wishlist

1. I am subscribed to H&M newsletter and last week I received an e-mail about the Miranda Kerr collection and this ruffle top instantly caught my eye. I think it's perfect for the spring/summer season.

2. OK, so during the past year I gained a new obsession: bows. I like them in my hair, on my clothes, everywhere. I have a similar hair tie but it's a different color (you actually saw it in this video), but I think the print of this is perfect for the weather outside.

3. It looks like a 2 piece,  but guess what it's a dress! In May I will need to present my final bachelor thesis, and I think this is perfect for that even - smart and chic.

4. This is also an item form the Miranda Kerr collection and it's just a plain t-shirt with a pocket. I can see my self pairing this with so many things!

5. I know a wallet might seem strange, but I really need a smaller wallet to fit in my smaller purses. I chose the beige color (to keep up with the spring theme), but it comes in black also.

6 and 7 and two bright colored bags and I just fell in love with them! They are perfect to add a pop of color to any outfit. Probably I won't end up buying both, so I think when the time comes, it will be very hard to chose one!

8. Another item from the Miranda Kerr collection- a pair of sunglasses. I don't know what it is, but something about this ones definitely scream chic!

9. I am not into costume jewelry usually (I prefer silver or white gold), but I can't say no to this rings - they have hearts!

These are the spring fashion items from H&M which I urge to buy! I am not sure how many I will end up buying, but I know I want them all.

I am not usually doing wishlist posts on my blog, but if you like this type of post let me know and I will definitely share with you my "cravings".

What items are on your spring wishlist? Don't be shy, share them with me :)


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