Keeping Your Make-Up Brushes Clean*

Keeping makeup brushes clean is a very important part of any beauty routine for both private individuals and professional makeup artists. Every time you use makeup brushes the bristles will become contaminated with particles of makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria – old makeup and bacteria from the surface of the skin in particular. If you don’t make sure that your makeup brushes are clean it can lead to breakouts of spots thanks to the clogged up pores and can even spread infections if you are a professional makeup artist with numerous clients.

Properly cleaning your makeup brushes will also help to last that little bit longer – if you’ve spent a decent amount of money buying a good quality makeup brush set you want to be sure that they’ll give plenty of reliable service after all.
It is actually very quick, easy and affordable to clean makeup brushes properly and should be a part of your regular weekly beauty routine.
Every time you’ve used your makeup brushes you should spritz them with a brush cleaner plus give them a good, thorough wash at least once a week.
All you’ll need to complete the task is;
• Some sort of shallow bowl

• Baby shampoo or some other type of extremely gentle shampoo – there are even some specifically formulated shampoos for makeup brushes on the market these days which may be of particular interest to professional makeup artists
• Some warm water
• A cloth – lint free works best
And this is how you should do it;
• Start off by holding your makeup brushes under the running water of the tap paying particular attention to the bristles and not the area where the brush handle meets the bristles. This will remove any residual traces of makeup. If your makeup brushes have bamboo handles try not to let this part of the brush get wet.
• Pop some luke-warm water into the bowl and add a squirt of the baby shampoo or other gentle shampoo. Gently swirl the water with the tip of the brush you are cleaning – it may also be necessary to put a spot of shampoo into the palm of the hand and gently rub the bristles working up lather if your brushes are extremely dirty.

• Now you should rinse the makeup brush under the running tap once more, just like you did at the beginning of the procedure – rinse and repeat the above steps until the water from the brush runs clean and clear, this may take two or three attempts depending upon the dirt on the makeup bristles.
• Wipe the brush gently with the cloth making sure to reshape the bristles at the same time. Try to avoid the temptation to fan the bristles out; it’s much better to keep the shape of the brush as much as possible at all times.
• Your makeup brushes should be left flat on the cloth overnight in order to dry completely.
Makeup brushes can take a few hours before they are dry completely so it’s always a good idea to wash them after you’ve applied your makeup for the day. Your makeup brushes should be allowed to dry completely before being used.
If you go to you’ll notice that they have a fabulous choice of makeup brushes and makeup brush sets perfect for all types of makeup. Remember to care for your makeup brushes properly by giving them a deep clean and wash at least once every week to keep them in good condition and make them last for a long time.

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  1. I love cleaning my makep brushes I think its so important to do and I always use baby shampoo! xx


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