Comfy Spring Outfit #2014BloggerChallenge

Now something that I don't do to often: an outfit post. As you could read in the title, it's a comfy spring outfit that I wore yesterday when I went for a walk with my boyfriend. If you expect a face full of makeup, that's not going to happen. Also, for a lot of people this outfit might seem too warm, but don't forget I live in FINLAND. Though this spring is warmer, it's definitely not at the same level with spring in southern countries. 

One last thing: don't laugh to hard at my "pose". I was definitely not born to be a model!

Cardigan: NewYorker
T-shirt: Stradivarius
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Deichmann
Sun glasses: Firmoo *

Excuse my socks showing up, but I didn't really noticed them on the moment.

I am definitely not a model or a style inspiration, but I hope you enjoyed seeing what I like to wear to feel comfortable. 

What's your comfy spring outfit? 


P.S. Did you see yesterday's video? 

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