March Favorites

This time I decided to do my March favorites only in a blog post, because it's good from time to time to go back to the basics, isn't it?

March 2014 Favorites Rimmel Match Perfection 081 Fair Ivory essence lashes go wild mascara maybelline dream matte powder elf complexion brush maybelline color wishper rose of attraction

I said this in a post before, but one of my first blog posts was sharing my hate for the Rimmel London Match Perfection. On the time I was having the shade 103 True Ivory, which was the lightest in the range, and I was looking like an oompa loompa every time I was wearing it! Since then, Rimmel came up with lighter shades and maybe they revamped the formula also, and now this foundation is one of the best matches I found so far for my pale complexion. You can buy the Rimmel Match Perfection here.

I used the Maybelline Dream Mat Powder in my first year on university, and I think also in my last year of high school, then I moved on to other powders. I repurchased it at some point last year just because it was the lightest powder in the shop I was and it was affordable, even in Finland. I wasn't impressed with it applied, on the moment so I set it aside. When I started to use the Match Perfection foundation, I decided to pull it from my drawer again and I decided to apply it with the powder puff which came with it. It was looking flawless! I am not the biggest fan of powder puffs so I needed to find a brush which works with it and this bring us to...

e.l.f. Complexion Brush applies the Maybelline powder beautifully! I used to use this brush a lot at some point, but then, for some reason, I gave it up for other brushes. When I was searching for the perfect brush for the Dream Mat powder, I rediscovered this and I am in love again. You can buy the e.l.f. Complexion Brush here.

I have a love-hate relationship with the essence lashes go wild mascara. When you first take out the wand from the tube there is too much product on and it will make your eyelashes clump, instead you need to first slightly clean the wand on a tissue and than apply it to your eyes. If you do so, it gives beautiful voluminous lashes without clumping! You can find the essence lashes go wild mascara here.

The Maybelline Color Whisper in Rose of Attraction is an old favorite. It is a easy to apply, everyday color and it actually lasts quite well on the lips.

Also, today a video in which I summed up the acne tips that worked for me went up. You can watch it here is you are interested:

What were your favorites in March? Do you have any other tips for clear skin? 



  1. I've decided to say goodbye to Rimmel Match Perfection and try Rimmel Wake me up foundation:D. They seem almost similary but I think I like the new one more than Match Perfection.

    1. I am curious about the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, but I am a little scared to try it because my skin is a little bit on the oilier side :)

  2. I love Maybelline Color Whisper lip balm as well. Love the soft color and it's pretty moisturizing as well.

    May from La Vie en May

  3. The Rimmel Match Perfection is also one of my faves!

    1. It's a great foundation for an affordable price :)


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