The Makeup Tag

After doing tags created by others, I decided to to create my own. I created "The Makeup Tag" because makeup is my life; I love everything related with makeup! I tagged some people in the description box of the video, but feel free to do this and leave me a link so I can check it out. By the way, you don't need to do it in the video, a blog post works just as well.


1.How often do you wear makeup?
2.What was the first makeup item you ever bought?
3.What is the most recent makeup item you bought?
4.What makeup item is on top of your wishlist?
5.What makeup item you can't live without?
6.Eyeshadow or lipstick?
7.Makeup: hobby or career?

I hope you enjoyed my answers and don't forget that you are all tagged!


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  1. I'd have to say make up is a hobby for me. I love make up, but with my job it's just not practical. Visiting from Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.


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