I graduated! Now what?

OK, so no beauty today! I just want to let you know that, as of yesterday, I officially graduated from university. Now you can call me an engineer! I know I wrote a post a little more than a month ago, but during this time, I actually received my diploma!

With my degree finished you may be wondering why I miss so much from my blog/YouTube channel. Let me just tell you this: finding a job its not easy! I could have used to use this time and focus more on those aspects of my life, but to be honest, I don't want to relay on them as an income source. I don't want to feel stressed that if I don't upload or post, my income will be affected, I want to do them with pleasure, and treat them as a what they are: a hobby!

Initially, I just wanted to finish university and focus on becoming a makeup artist(YES, I trained to be one and did some freelancing last summer, but I cant consider myself a professional just yet), but unfortunately, living in a country with a language that you don't speak makes it a little impossible. We(boyfriend and I) are considering moving from Finland at some point, but for this summer we are still giving it a chance.

Usually in a post like this I would make promises that I am back and that I will upload/ post regularly, but today it not the case, just because, my goal is not to find a job and stop relaying on out families for financial support. I will probably post once in a while, maybe more on my YouTube channel, because I really like experimenting and creating new makeup looks and it reminds me of my goal: on day I will be a makeup artist!

Not sure how much you found this post interesting, but I feel like I needed to get all of this out. To finish this on a positive not, here are pictures of two look I filmed tutorials for, but I still need to edit.

Talking about videos, would you be interested in a Q&A video about studying abroad? If so, leave your questions in the comment.

That finishes my little rant, so till next time!



  1. Good luck in your job search! I know how tough it is...I graduated a year ago and just found a job! You just have to try to keep being positive even if it gets you feeling down sometimes :)

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely


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