V05 Give me moisture hot oil review

V05 Give me moisture hot oil review

Obviously, when I moved to UK I didn't take with me my hair care products so I needed to rebuild my hair care stash. I came across the V05 give me moisture hot oil in Superdrug when I was actually looking for a leave in conditioner. Because there was a 2 for £7 offer on selected V05 products, I decided to pick this product also, and let me spoil it for you: I don't regret it!

The V05 give me moisture hot oil is one of the best pre-shampoo hair treatment I ever used. It claims to quench thirsty hair to lock in moisture and helps strengthen it and it does just that. I used it once a week for the past three weeks and my hair never felt better - it looks and feels healthy and I doesn't break as much while brushing.

Avocado, apricot, grape seed, jojoba and rosemary leaf oils are high on the ingredients list and that just convinced me to buy it. I honestly hate pricey products which claim to have I don't know how many natural oils in them, but when you look at the ingredients, you realize that they are barely there because they are on the bottom of the list. Usually, the V05 give me moisture hot oil is reasonably priced at £4.29 in Superdrug, but the 2 for £7 offer is still on so you migh want to have a look.

Bottom line: I love the V05 give me moisture hot oil treatment because it does what it says and it needs only 1 minute to do it. For such a reasonable price, it's worth give it a try if you hair feels lifeless, brittle and it is prone to breakage,

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