I ♥ Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette - Review, Demo and Giveaway

Monday, January 26, 2015

If by this time you didn't hear about Makeup Revolution, you probably live under a rock. Makeup Revolution took the beauty world by surprise when it launched in spring 2014. First, there has been their regular line, with prices in the same range and MUA (Makeup Academy) and later in the year, the  I ♥ Makeup range appeared. In my opinion, the items in the latter one have better quality, but by no means this means that the regular Makeup Revolution range bad. Whatever I tried from the brand so far, it didn't disappoint.

I ♥ Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette - Review and Demo

I the future, I will probably review more Makeup Revolution/ I ♥ Makeup products, but I wanted to start with my favorite one so far: the I Heart Chocolate palette. I still can't get over the fact that I paid £7.99 for it and the quality is so amazing. Usually, in budget palettes, the matte shades can feel somehow dry and powdery and they don't blend really well, but it's not the case here. All 16 shadows in the I Heart Chocolate Palette are buttery and soft, with great pigmentation and they are easy to blend, without becoming muddy.  From those 16 shades, 6 are matte and 10 have a shimmery or metallic finish.

I ♥ Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette - Review and Demo

I ♥ Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette - Review and Demo

The shadows last really well on my eyelids with a primer ( I never wear eye shadow without a primer) and there is no creasing even after a long day. Now let's move to the swatches, shall we?

I ♥ Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette - Review and Demo

Note: You Need Love is a creamy white matte shades, very close to my skin tone, bur it makes a beautiful brow bone highlight.

I ♥ Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette - Review and Demo

Note: Meet Chocolate is a light matte pink, which doesn't show up on the swatches, but when applied on the lid, it just brightens up the lid. If you have hooded eyes or deep set eyes, this shade is a great lid shade for you; it will just attract the light and make your eyelid space look bigger.

I ♥ Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette - Review and Demo

Good news for all of you who like to follow the color of the year trend: Love torn and What A Way to Go are two shades who fit right in, for the Marsala trend. Some may consider them dark, but in my opinion, they are great translation of Marsala when it comes to eye shadow. If you want a Marsala tutorial using this palette, let me know and I will see what I can do, but for today's demo I have an everyday kind of look using some of my favorite shades: Thank Friday, You Need Love, Meet Chocolate, More! , Endorphins Ready, Pleasure Girl, What a Way to Go.

Overall, I love thid palette and I think I finally found a palette that I bring along when travelling, Usually I bring at least two palette, because there are not enough matte shades in one or the shade range is not to my liking, but the I Heart Chocolate Palette is absolutely perfect for me and I can't recommend it enough. You can buy it on the Makeup Revolution website or Superdrug or you can win one by entering the giveaway below!

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What is your favorite palette this days?


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