The Body Shop HoneyMania Lip Balm

The Body Shop Honey Mania Lip Balm Review

I consider lip balms to be one of my addictions lately because I find myself using them often through the day since I moved. I don't know what got into me when I bought The Body Shop HoneyMania Lip Balm, but I am glad I did,

Honestly, I didn't read any review before buying it, so when I didn't even wait to get home to open it. As I was going out from the shop, I was opening and applying it. A little impatient there? My first thought was "Mmm this smells nice" (read: Nice smell, not overpowering and after application you can't pickany scent.) and the second one "I hate the packaging"( read: If you have long nails and you are trying to apply this with your fingers, some lip balm will definitely get under the nail. )

Now onto serious things! The Body Shop HoneyMania Lip Balm moisturizes the lips nicely without feeling greasy. I use it mostly at night time or during the day, I am at home and not planning to put any lipstick one. Though it doesn't feel greasy, I don't find it suitable to wear under lipstick just because of the long absorption time.

Overall, The Body Shop HoneyMania Lip Balm is really nice to use at night time or when your lips need something more. For £4.00 it also last for awhile - I have it for two months, used it like a mad woman and I still have approximately 35% left. You can buy it in The Body Shop stores or online.

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