Poundland Mini Beauty Haul feat. Make up Gallery Make up

I admit I have a big shopping problem since I moved to the UK. I guess it doesn't help that I have a Boots, Superdrug and Poundland really close to me. Why Poundland? During the last months, I found the best beauty bargains there and today I will show what I found during my last visit to Poundland. Also, I take this post to announce I am going on a spending ban! I have one more haul post/ video after this one, and I am done for 30 days at least!

Anyways, back to the subject: my recent Poundland bargains!

Recently, Poundland came up with their own make up line, called Make up Gallery. On my local shop most of the things are sold out, so since it appeared I managed to get only 2 shadows, but things changes! The eye shadows were all in stock so I picked up 4 more shades and a liquid liner. I already tried them, but that's a story for another time.

The eye shadow shades I picked up are Carbon Black, Cappuccino, Dusky Rose and Pink Champagne. The eyeliner shade is Brown.

The other 2 items were more of an impulse buy: I saw them, they looked interesting and they cost 1 pound each. I am talking about the Nutra Nail Gel Perfect 5 Minute Gel-Color Manicure. I picked up the shades Lily Pink and Sheer Pink. This is a gel nail polish which doesn't require an UV lamp, so that made me curious. I didn't try any of the shades yet, but you can expect a review in the future.

These were my last beauty bargains, but what bargain have you found lately? 


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